Lifestyle options


Residential care, nursing homes, aged care facilities and care homes, all provide the same services – terminology has just changed over time. Care homes are for those who require 24 hour care, as their needs have changed and they are no longer able to live independently. Living in a care home, the individual will have a tailored care plan designed specifically for them.

A tailored care plan covers the clinical aspect, lifestyle, meals and general wellbeing.

Care options

Day respite: this option gives individuals the opportunity to have the benefits of residential care on a short terms basis. Either for a day, or an overnight stay. Meals and care are provided for the duration of their stay, and individuals are invited to participate in the leisure and lifestyle options available at the home.

Respite: respite care is ideal for when family and friends need a short break from caring for their loved one, or when an elderly person has left hospital and is not quite ready to return. Generally with a minimum requirement of two weeks, your loved one can stay with us, and you can rest assure that your loved one will be cared for in your absence. Meals, laundry, cleaning and any clinical care required are all provided. Residents are also encouraged to participate in the leisure and lifestyle options available.

Permanent: permanent care is when your loved one moves into one of our homes. They have the benefits of 24 hours care, beautiful, homely accommodation, meals and domestic services all provided for them, and social and mental stimulation through the leisure and lifestyle options. Care is tailored to the individuals’ needs and interests.

Dementia care: all Japara homes have the capability to care for those living with dementia, with some homes having dedicated spaces for those who need a specialised environment.


All meals are cooked fresh at each of the homes by experienced cooks. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are all provided at the home, and the cost is included as part of the daily care fee. In designing the care plan for residents, any allergies, likes and dislikes are recorded, therefore tailoring the menu for individuals. Some of our homes also offer an ethnically diverse menu. For example, our home in Springvale has a large demographic of Chinese residents, therefore a Chinese menu is available.

Leisure and lifestyle

The leisure and lifestyle options available at each Japara home, are based on the interests and hobbies of those living there. Programs are available 7 days a week, however, the individual can decide which options they choose to participate in. Whether it’s joining in the men’s group, going out on bus outings, joining the art classes or going on the daily exercise walks.