Why work at Japara

Being part of the Japara team automatically entitles you to a range of additional workplace rewards, we call ‘Employee Benefits’. Developed in conjunction with a range of like-minded companies, they’re our way of thanking you for a job well done.

Read more about employee benefits and the recruitment process or find a job with Japara.

Japara career paths

Japara career paths

Japara actively encourages the personal and professional growth of every employee. Through continuous access to self-development programs, resources and opportunities for further education—within and outside the business—we will help you discover the new you.

We advertise every vacancy within the business internally. As an employee, you can review and apply for any job within Japara, be it the same role at another care home, or a totally new position—at our support office, perhaps. One thing’s for certain. Whatever your ambition, Japara can help you achieve it.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision is to enrich every life we touch.

Our mission is to create places of welcome where we can know, learn from, celebrate and care for each individual, as a much-loved member of our Japara family. Places that advance the frontiers of aged living, through innovation and integration of clinical practice with lifestyle pursuits, hospitality and design.

All staff at Japara value:

  • Compassion: Put yourself in their shoes
  • Respect: Treat everyone as your equal
  • Excellence: Do yourself proud
  • Accountability: Be true to your word
  • Teamwork: Work as one, with everyone
  • Enjoyment: Celebrate the special moments
Student placement

Student placement

Japara is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of workers to provide the highest standards of care to residents in the aged care sector. As part of this commitment we offer clinical placements to a variety of aged care and nursing students each year.

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Maintaining a connection with the local community contributes greatly to the wellbeing of our care home residents. One of the most meaningful, mutually rewarding ways to achieve this is volunteering.

We would love you to bring your passions, interests and hobbies into a Japara Care Home, and share them with residents, their family members and staff. Take the first step today and contact us.