How do I check into a Japara Home?

It’s a two-step process to enter a Japara Home.  This keeps our residents and you safe.


1. COVID-19 Screening

Residential Aged Care Facilities are required to keep records of a COVID-19 screening of anyone entering a Home.

We use a Rapid Global Kiosk (or its Rapid Access app) to collect screening information like temperature, that you haven’t been to a known case location and a review of any COVID-like symptoms.

2. State Government QR Code

Every State Government has introduced their own QR code which must be scanned by every person entering a Residential Aged Care Facility.

In the event of an outbreak, contact tracers have immediate access to your contact information and can get in touch.

Only Government contact tracers have access to this information. Japara, or anyone else, cannot request or access this data.

You can find more information on the QR code in your State here:

How to enter a Japara aged care Home with a mask