COVID-19 Response FAQ


Whilst Japara does everything possible to prevent COVID-19 entering our Homes, unfortunately due to the nature of the virus it does sometimes infect staff, families, contractors, and unfortunately our residents.
When this happens Japara’s robust and detailed outbreak management plans are enacted.
We appreciate an outbreak will cause you significant concern. We will communicate with you regularly via SMS, email, telephone and video conferencing.
To assist with any questions you may have we have compiled a list of questions frequently asked by families previously:

Q. Can I bring food/care package for my loved one?

    A. Absolutely, yes! Please bring it to the Home and we will get it to your loved one as quickly as possible.
    A. Unfortunately if the Home is locked down, in-person visits are not permitted.

    Please contact the Home directly if you have special circumstance such as an end-of-life visit and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs during this time.

    A. Yes, where possible we will arrange a window visit. Please contact the Home in advance to make arrangements as the residents often need assistance preparing.
    A. Yes, all Aged Care workers are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and cannot work in a Japara Home without it.
    A. In most cases, yes, although some residents are unable to receive the vaccine for a number of reasons.
    A. Unfortunately yes, until the Health Department provides clearance.
    A. Depending on the layout of the Home our care staff are able to help residents get some exercise. It will be limited, and group activities are not permitted.

    A. Yes, meals are served in residents’ rooms.

    A. Yes, all persons (except residents) must wear enhanced PPE including N95 masks, gowns, gloves and eye protection. This makes it very hard for our staff to work, slows them down and is tiring.

    Our residents are so incredibly patient and thank our families for their understanding as well. Our staff really are front-line heroes.

    A. We make every effort to keep our rosters full. Sometimes in the early days of a COVID-19 outbreak when staff are sent home due to being a “Primary Close Contact” we have to get agency or relieving staff in to help.

    A. Most outbreaks are declared over 14 days from the first notification/contact. This time can vary depending on when authorities provide clearance.

    A. Yes, you can. Please discuss this with the Home Manager in advance.
    There are many considerations including personal care needs and that you may be required to isolate all members of the receiving household for the duration of the staff. Returning to the Japara Home also has a process involved and is not automatic.

    A. Our staff are super-hero front-line workers. It is incredibly hard working in a COVID outbreak and we simply ask that you encourage and appreciate the work they are doing.
    Sometimes our staff have to leave their own families for weeks at a time to look after yours. This is a national emergency and we appreciate and value our staff.

    A. We are guided by Government Authorities.

    A. Cleaning and hygiene is central to our every day operations however in a COVID-19 outbreak we go even further with additional cleaners who specialise in infection control.
    We bring in additional staff to assist with general cleaning and infectious waste management. All that PPE needs to be safely managed.

    A. Yes, Japara has in-house infection control specialists and we also have external consultants assist when needed.

    A. During a COVID-19 outbreak we limit movement around the home. Where possible doors are closed, including corridors, we have “Donning/Doffing” PPE stations (areas where staff put on and take off their protective equipment), and infectious waste bins.
    Staff are not permitted to congregate in break rooms and we make changes to ventilation where possible.