Greater Sydney: Japara Home restrictions

Last updated 11 October 2021


Are face coverings required?


  • All visitors and staff must wear a surgical mask and a face shield when caring for residents or in resident areas.


Are flu vaccinations required?


  • All visitors are strongly encouraged to have an annual flu vaccination, please let your Home Manager (or delegate) know if you haven’t before your visit.
  • All Japara staff are required to have an annual flu vaccination.


Are COVID-19 vaccinations required?


  • Visitors must have received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days prior to their visit as per State Health Directions.
  • All residents are strongly encouraged to be COVID-19 vaccinated.
  • All Japara staff are required to be COVID-19 vaccinated as per State Health Directions.
  • You can find more information on the COVID-19 vaccination and if it’s right for you here.


Are there visitor restrictions?


  • Visitors must be 12 years of age and over and from Greater Sydney.
  • Residents are permitted two (2) visitors per day.
  • Visits must take place in the residents room.
  • You must call the Home before your visit to book a visiting time to maintain density safety.
  • Further restrictions on visitors may apply.
  • Please speak with your Home Manager (or delegate) about the options that may be possible for you and your loved one.


How do I check into a Japara Home?


  • It’s a quick three-step process for anyone entering:
    • 1. Complete a COVID-19 screening.
    • 2. Check-in via the State Government’s QR code.
    • 3. Show your double COVID-19 vaccination verification via NSW Health approved digital method eg. myGov or Medicare app on your phone.
  • You can find out more here.


Are residents allowed to leave the Home?


  • Residents are discouraged from leaving the Home, but please speak with your Home Manager (or delegate) about what may be possible. If residents choose to leave, they must:
    • be fully vaccinated
    • remain 5km of the Home
    • only leave the Home with a fully vaccinated friends or relatives
    • always wear a surgical mask
    • declare at re-entry that they haven’t been to any current COVID-19 case locations.
    • If they have, they are required to undertake COVID-19 test and isolate until a negative result is received.


What other restrictions to daily life in the Home are still in place?


  • Hairdressing is permitted.
  • Volunteers are not permitted.
  • Bus excursions are not permitted.
  • Entertainers are not permitted.


Are Home Tours permitted?


  • Prospective residents who live in Greater Sydney are permitted:
    • They can be accompanied by one other person who also lives in Greater Sydney.
    • The Home must not be in Regional NSW.
    • Only one such visit can occur at any one time.
    • There is no limit on the number of prospective residents that can visit over the course of a day.


How to stay connected with loved ones

How to stay connected with loved ones

  • Send a Japara e-Telegram.
  • Arrange a family FaceTime or Zoom call using one of the tablet devices from the Home.
  • Maybe a window visit is possible (not available at all Homes).
  • Speak with your Home Manager or Lifestyle Coordinator about what else may be available at your Home.

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