Introducing QR Code Check-in

From 1 July 2021 QR Code check-in was introduced in Victoria, and Queensland is set to follow on 8 July.  But what is it for?

It provides fast and accurate contact information for anyone who has visited a COVID-19 public exposure site and is vital to help Government contact tracers contain an outbreak quickly.

All businesses are required to check-in workers and visitors and must ensure that all workers and visitors are able to check-in using a QR Code app.

After researching each State’s process, we found it’s generally the same from State-to-State and the process keeps us safe.

It is important to know the QR check-in does not replace the Rapid Global screening process and both must be completed by Staff, Visitors, Contractors, Volunteers or anyone else entering a Japara property. ​​​​​​​


QR check-in is a Government requirement and every non-resident must always check-in to both.
Any person entering a Japara property is required to check-in using Rapid Global and QR check-in as they collect data for different purposes.  eg​ if you are a delivering a parcel to reception or kitchen supplies to the kitchen and  onsite for 2 minutes – you must still check-in.
Rapid Global keeps attestations of COVID-19 related screening questions that we are required to ask to ensure anyone entering a property is safe.  Japara is required to keep this information.
State QR check-in creates a record of the time and date you visited a venue for Government contact tracing purposes. State Health Authorities are the only people with access to QR data.  Japara, or anyone else, cannot request or access this data.


Codes & Collateral

QR Codes and promotional material and signage for your Home or ILU is stored on Global under each State.

Translations have been made available in Mandarin and Vietnamese.

G:\Global\Forms, Manuals & Procedures\PDF SIGNS. Stickers & Example Forms\QR Code check-in



QR codes in the Home

QR codes in the Home


When to expect QR codes in your Home:

Victorian Homes – w/c 28 June

Queensland Homes – w/c 5 July

Independent Living Units (ILU) – w/c 5 July

South Australia Homes – w/c 12 July

New South Wales Homes – w/c 19 July

Tasmanian Homes w/c – 19 July

State QR Apps

State QR Apps


Download your State’s QR App here:



South Australia

New South Wales


For more information from each State, click on the icons below:


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