Aged care for couples: John and Dawn’s story

Aged care homes are places where people get together. This social benefit of living in a home with people your own age, and supported by skilled and qualified carers, has never been more important than in recent months.
While loneliness, especially among older people, is an increasing problem in the wider community, seniors in aged care homes get to enjoy each other’s company and support every day.
One gentleman living at Roccoco in St Albans Park, has not only made friends, he has even brought his wife along.

Making the transition into aged care

Geelong local, John Treloar, became aware that things weren’t going too well for him on the health front. He wasn’t as independent as he used to be and the quality of life at home simply wasn’t the same anymore.
“It was about two years ago when I knew that I just couldn’t live a trouble-free life anymore in my own house,” says John. “I knew I wanted professional care, yet I didn’t want to leave my wife behind. It took a bit of persuasion, but my lovely Dawn agreed to look for an ideal aged care home with me. Somewhere we could both be happy and not worry about my health so much”.
Elderly couple sitting in chairs side by side reading the newspaper

John and wife, Dawn, enjoy relaxing together reading the newspaper


Choosing the right aged care home

The home had to be near their grandson, therefore, the area in and around St Albans Park was the ideal location in Geelong. Once they had found out that Roccoco is located just there, a tour was booked and, as they say, the rest is history. “I am not someone who you would normally picture to choose an aged care home as their residence but when John required professional care, it didn’t take me long to be convinced. After all, you can always leave if you don’t like it”, says John’s wife, Dawn.
Once John and Dawn had found out that Roccoco offers spacious companion rooms for couples, or single rooms right next to each other, it didn’t take long until they had their aged care assessment completed and were ready to move in.
Twin room at Japara Roccoco Aged Care Home

Companion room at Japara Roccoco

“It has been two years and we don’t regret it for a moment. Our family is very happy that we are here because they don’t have to worry about us, they have peace of mind that we are being looked after”, says Dawn, while John jokingly adds that even their son has asked if there was a spare room for him, too!

Life at Roccoco

The couple love reading the paper and spending quality time together, without Dawn having to be a full-time carer for John. While Dawn loves getting either active in the garden or being pampered in the home’s own beauty salon, John takes off to enjoy some activities with fellow male residents in the Men’s Group, where they play darts, pool, and cook the occasional barbecue.
John and Dawn agree that the caring staff are the ones who make Roccoco a true home for everyone living there. “We are all different, some are active and totally independent, others require medical support and assistance,” says Dawn. However, we are all individual people and the lovely people who work here really treat us that way, as individuals. It makes us feel comfortable and happy”.
“In fact, I have already told some friends that it might not be a bad idea to, at least, consider the idea to look at an aged care home for them. After all, none of us are getting any younger”.
Elderly couple share a kiss on an outdoor bench


To find out more about Roccoco aged care home and download a brochure, visit the home’s page here. 


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