Angela Callaghan | Lifestyle Coordinator at Noosa

In support of the #celebratingwomeninagedcare movement, we are profiling some of the amazing women who are part of Japara.

Today, we are celebrating the exceptional work that Angela Callaghan does as a Lifestyle Coordinator and Dementia Champion at Japara Noosa. We asked her to tell us some more about herself and her work in aged care.

Can you describe what you do in your role as Lifestyle Coordinator and Dementia Champion?

My role here at Noosa is varied and contains multiple components.  My duties include:

  • Coordination of the diversional therapist team and the volunteers.
  • Liaison with leadership and other departments in regards to lifestyle programing and lifestyle-related issues.
  • Liaison with the leadership team and dementia strategist in regards to behavioural, environmental and programing of dementia-specific best practices.
  • Designing and implementing lifestyle programs for all the residents at the facility, including personalised interventions.
  • Liaison with community groups to initiate projects and resources for our residents.
  • Ensuring all our residents and programing is meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards set by the Government.
  • Liaising with family members.
  • Booking events and scheduling special events calendars.
  • Sourcing materials for our residents and team members.
  • Maintaining lifestyle care plans and lifestyle assessments, as well as doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork required to run a lifestyle team.
  • Completing risk assessments and evaluations of programing.
  • I have an educational role with my team and volunteers.
  • I also work with the residents running activities (which is my favourite part).
  • When time permits I run the staff choir (also another favourite part).


What do you do in your spare time? 

My spare time is so precious to me, a sacred space.  Therefore I firstly enjoy my children and my beloved friends. I enjoy painting, playing guitar and singing. I love reading a great book and writing – I love how words sound and how they can bring to mind pictures. I enjoy cooking, eating and sharing good food and a hearty laugh, growing plants and nurturing my garden, as well as taking time to fill up my life with as much inspirational positivity as I can, so I can then share it.


What career did you want when you left school? 

I wanted to be an art therapist. I have studied extensively to become so.


How did you come to be working in aged care?

I was employed by Jo Hardy (the previous Home Manager) to design and implement art therapy at Noosa.  I was contracted for a year as “Artist in Residence,” before being asked to become a Diversional Therapist and later the team leader. I have been at Japara Noosa now for six years.

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