Buddy System a Tonic for Healthy Ageing

The transition into an aged care facility can be a stressful time for both the elderly person concerned and their relatives who have usually spent a long-time contemplating this big decision on behalf of their loved one.

Not only do many of the elderly wish to remain in the familiar settings of their family home which has played such a strong role in shaping their identity and sense of belonging over the years, many simply don’t know what to expect when placed into aged care, whilst others are worried they may become lonely. This is where the benefits of a buddy system come to the forefront, with many nursing home facilities such as those run by Japara assigning a ‘buddy’ – which may be another resident of the facility or even an outside family member or friend who will stay at the facility and help new residents settle into their new environment as best as possible.


Buddy system: A smooth transition to aged care equals a smooth stay

From a practical perspective, one of the key benefits of this buddy system which is now well developed in many aged care facilities across Australia is the ‘smoothing’ effect it has on the crucial transition-to-care process. The mere presence of a loved one or close friend at an elderly resident’s nursing home facility on a daily basis can have a calming effect, helping them to cope with their new environment and most crucially, helping them with getting to know other residents and the aged care staff who will be taking care of them around the clock. It goes without saying a smoother transition holds considerable positive implications for one’s mental health due to the amount of time they’ll be spending at their new home. If managed well, which the presence of ‘buddies’ can achieve, this can make a big contribution to their overall healthy ageing in the long-term.

Japara personalised aged care lifestyle programs

In addition to a well-developed buddy program, world-class aged care providers such as Japara have developed their own voluntary lifestyle programs which are designed to provide residents with creative, interest-based activities and initiatives that encourage them to interact with fellow residents whilst pursuing activities they have a natural flair for. The idea is simple and follows on from the concept of the buddy program, namely that greater participation by residents within the social life of their new home can only improve their physical and mental wellbeing, giving them the best chance at healthy ageing and a higher standard of living in their twilight years.


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