How to Choose the Right Aged Care Home

The decision to move into an aged care facility can be both emotional and exciting at the same time; and is usually a decision to improve ones’ quality of life. In most instances, the decision to move into an aged care facility is based on the need for more consistent care and assistance; and for others it’s about being able to enjoy life in a more relaxed environment with less pressure and responsibilities of day to day tasks.

Choosing the right aged care facility to meet ones needs is really crucial as it is about choosing more than a facility, it’s about choosing a home. Because of this, some important questions to consider when making your decision are:

Care Levels Provided

  • What’s the nurse and care staff to resident ratio?
  • Are 24 hour on-call care and nurses available?
  • Are all nurses registered?
  • Are there doctors on call?
  • Is there staff to offer assistance with day to day activities like using the restrooms, bathing and moving around?
  • Have all staff undergone security checks?
  • What lifestyle programs are available for residents?
  • Is there access to regular medical visits?

Appearance And Ambience Of The Facility

  • How long has the facility been around for?
  • Is the facility modern and up-to-date with all the health and safety guidelines?
  • Is the facility clean and well maintained?
  • What room types are available? Rooms for couples and singles?

Recreational And Lifestyle Activities

  • What social recreational activities are provided and how often?
  • Is there an outdoor courtyard, common room, lounge or dining available?
  • Are meals plans varied, meet nutrition standards and open to requests from residents? Is there an opportunity to dine with others or in the privacy of one’s room?
  • Are visits from or to hairdressers, pharmacies, dentists, massage therapists available?

Special Needs

  • Are staff equipped to look after residents with different language, cultural or religious needs?
  • Are families allowed to stay or visit the facility?
  • Is there access to transport for visiting family and friends, or the shops?

References And Reputation

  • Access to accreditation reports?
  • Speak to existing residents and their families.

Fees And Charges


How to go about selecting the right facility

  • Make appointments to visit the facility beforehand. This will give you the opportunity to get a feel of the facility, see in person what they offer and also meet other residents and staff.
  • Make a list of all the questions you have for the facility and take these with you to ensure you have covered all your bases prior to making your decision.
  • Take a family member or friend with you for both moral support and an outsider perspective. They might think of questions you haven’t or pick up on things you’ve missed in the excitement of visiting the facility.


This article has only been provided as a guideline to help you make your decision with peace of mind. For any further enquiries on our Residential Aged Care facilities, or for information regarding aged care, please contact Japara on 03 9649 2100 or visit

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