Elderly shoes: shopping for older feet


Considering the amount of stress our feet experience over the course of our lives, it is unsurprising that aging can start to take its toll on our feet. As well as general wear-and-tear, we  face physiological changes that impact our bones, joints and tendons. These changes can lead to stability problems affecting the lower back, hips and knees.

As your feet age, various different conditions can lead to inflammation, swelling, irritation or pain, which can be extremely uncomfortable and even lead to functional change.

Finding comfortable shoes that fit is one of the best things you can do for your feet.



Choosing the right shoes for elderly feet


It is important to be mindful when looking for a new pair of shoes. However, it can be overwhelming choosing the best pair for your feet, especially when there are so many different options.

Your shoes play a key role in providing comfort for your feet but also in stability and reducing the risk of falling as we age.

Before purchasing new shoes, it is always a good idea to try on both shoes and walk around for a few minutes to assess the comfort and feel around your foot and ankle.


Elderly man and young woman walking down a path

What to look for when choosing new shoes for the elderly:


  • Material: shoes with sturdy uppers offer more insulation and support. Conversely, a mesh upper will be softer, more breathable and more lightweight.
  • Padding: cushioning absorbs the shock of your foot impacting the ground, which decreases the effect of the impact on your lower back and hips.
  • A non-slip sole: this is pivotal to prevent falls and ensure stability.
  • Fastening: lace-free closures, such as Velcro, ensure that shoes remain firmly on your feet without having to bend down and fiddle with laces.
  • Traction: good grip is essential, especially for those that struggle with balance. Grooves on the bottom of the shoe allow you to remain steady in wet conditions.
  • A wide mouth: a wide opening makes it easier to take your shoes on and of, especially if your feet are prone to swelling.
  • Wide toe box: increased width at the front of the shoe provides comfort for your toes and foot as well as increasing the surface area, increasing your stability.
  • Heel width: a wide heel size provides more surface area to the ground, which increases stability.
  • Heel height: a low heel provides more stability and support and allows appropriate pressure through your feet, which creates more comfort.



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