Elouera: A welcome like no other in Torquay

In Torquay, Elouera is known as a safe, comfortable and, most importantly, welcoming aged care home. Not only does Home Manager, Cara Shearer, personally welcome her new residents with open arms, but she also gets support from the newly founded Welcoming Committee.
Cara Shearer - Home Manager at Japara Elouera

Elouera Home Manager, Cara Shearer, is excited to present her newly renovated home to local visitors.

Josina Adair is the driving force, and the smiling face, behind this great initiative. Josina has been enjoying life at the Japara home for just over one year when she decided to actively roll out the welcome mat for future residents or, as she calls them, her new “brothers and sisters”.
“I remember moving to Elouera. I felt so welcome and it didn’t take me long to feel right at home. But for others, settling in can take a bit longer. So, I thought, why not offer my help, as I do enjoy meeting new people and I do know the home very well”, says Josina, the initiator of the new Welcoming Committee.
Elderly female lady riding her mobility scooter in the sun outside Elouera aged care home

Josina makes everyone feel welcome at her Japara home in Torquay.

While the professional care staff handle the administrative and clinical tasks of the move, Josina takes on the role of a personal tour guide at Elouera. The moment a new name sign goes up at one of the beautifully decorated rooms, Josina is on her way to prepare for the big day, the arrival of a new “brother” or “sister”. Home Manager, Cara Shearer, confirms that Josina and her friends in the committee play an important role that adds to the overall service and welcome feel at Elouera.
“We do offer many forms of support and services for our elderly residents, including care for people living with dementia. But what Josina and her friends do is so much more. They share their community spirit and offer a sense of social support which is so important, especially in times like these. No one here will ever feel alone”, says Ms Shearer.
Josina and her friends might soon be able to welcome more new “siblings” at their Japara home in Torquay. Not only will Covid restrictions continue to be relaxed, due to the ongoing vaccination program, but the home has also received a major makeover making it one of the most modern and beautiful aged care homes on the Surf Coast.
Elderly lady smiling and holding a red mobile phone sits on a blue park bench in a green garden

The gardens at Elouera are a green sanctuary for residents and their family and friends.



Why not see for yourself?

If you’d like to meet Cara and Josina at Elouera, simply drop by at 6-11 Kooringa Place, Torquay or find out more about this beautiful home here. 

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