Japara residents trial new Australian technology Sofihub

Residents living in Japara Independent Living Units are amongst the first to trial a revolutionary home assistant and care notification system.

A Monash University trial will explore how the new technology Sofihub can support older Australians in living independently.

For Japara residents living in independent units or apartments, Sofihub provides added assurance that if something were to go wrong, carers and family would be alerted.

It works by using artificial intelligence and sensor technology to detect people’s movement around the house, recognise daily routines, and then alert family or carers when an unexpected activity occurs.

The Sofihub device is also a handy assistant for everyday life, with voice notifications reminding people when it’s time to take medication, to stay hydrated, and about upcoming appointments or birthdays.

Upon sensing when the person is awake, Sofihub will greet them “good morning” and even relay the weather forecast.

Several residents at Japara’s Sydney Williams in Doncaster East (VIC), The Homestead in Walkley Heights (SA) and Cosgrove Cottages in South Launceston (TAS) have volunteered to take part in the trial, and there are also plans to offer the opportunity to Japara’s other retirement villages.

For one Japara resident, the trial technology is giving greater peace of mind to her daughter, who lives overseas.

The daughter is able to view activity through the carer’s app on her mobile phone and see that her mother has got up, is moving about the house, has taken her medication, and left and returned to the unit.

The trial will go for approximately three months and residents’ feedback will assist Sofihub’s ongoing development.

You can learn more about Sofihub and the technology by watching this short video or visiting their website sofihub.com


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