Kingston Gardens: Vietnamese Kitchen


At Japara Kingston Gardens, our Blossom wing is culture-specific, with lifestyle activities, cuisine and décor all tailored to our Vietnamese residents.

Loc Lam is our new Head Chef, bringing with him expert skills in Vietnamese cooking.


Loc Lam, Head Chef at Kingston Gardens

Loc Lam, Head Chef 


A little about Loc


Loc is highly trained in Vietnamese cuisine, having worked in restaurants in Melbourne’s Crown Casino for around 10 years. In aged care, Loc started doing our afternoon teas at Japara Elanora, before coming back to his roots on the Blossom wing at Japara Kingston Gardens. Loc now prepares traditional Vietnamese dishes each day for our residents.

“There should be no difference between eating a meal at home and mealtimes in aged care. I feed our residents as I would feed my own parents. With good, honest food made with only the freshest ingredients”, maintains Loc.



What types of dishes are on the menu on the Blossom wing?


Fresh fruit

“Our residents will only eat fresh fruit. No frozen fruits will do, so fresh fruit is available to residents 24 hours a day”, says Loc.


Fresh fruit and hot tea

Fresh fruit and hot tea



Lunch consists of four dishes: a steamed rice dish; a protein or meat dish, e.g. chicken in caramelised soy sauce; a vegetable dish, either stir fried or steamed; and soup to aid digestion.

Loc aims to give residents a lot of protein at lunch to give them plenty of energy to engage in the lifestyle activities available throughout the day.


Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls



A similar combination of dishes or a wholesome soup, such as pho.

Soups are warming and aid nutrition. Using only the freshest noodles also means those with difficulties swallowing can enjoy a varied and delicious menu.


Vietnamese chicken salad

Vietnamese chicken salad



Enquire today


If you or a loved one are interested in the aged care services available at Japara, contact us to have a friendly chat with one of our staff or to book a tour on 1800 52 72 72.

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