Meet Susan McCoy – Riverside Views’ New Home Manager

Susan McCoy is the Home Manager at Japara’s Riverside Views home in Riverside, Tasmania. Susan joined the Japara team in June 2018 and has an extensive and diverse clinical background.
Riverside Views Home Manager Susan McCoy

Susan McCoy was first drawn to aged care through her work as a Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator and Dementia Assessor for Monash University and the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. Susan recruited 550 participants and locally managed the international trial in northern Tasmania. The role saw her work closely with participants aged 70 years and older – an experience she says that she loved.

“I really enjoyed the interaction with people in that age group,” Susan said.

“I love their integrity, their manners, and hearing about what they’ve done in life. They’re usually a lot wiser than the rest of us, we have a lot to learn from our older citizens.”

Drawing on her clinical background, Susan first worked in aged care as a Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC) for two aged care homes simultaneously, before moving into the Home Management role for that business.

In June 2018, Susan took on the role of Home Manager at Riverside Views in Tasmania. Opened in September 2017, the state-of-the-art home has an on-site café, sensory room, theatre, gym, hairdressing salon and spectacular views of the Tamar River.

“It doesn’t feel like a nursing home – I really noticed that the first time I visited,” Susan said.

“It’s more like a resort. The location and views are amazing, the building itself is fresh and airy, and it has a very relaxed feel. The staff are very focused, giving and engaged with the residents.”

Susan and her team are currently focusing on developing the home’s lifestyle program as well as accommodating resident autonomy.

“We’re currently working on new ideas to enhance the lifestyle program. I want the team to really tap into what the residents’ past activities were and what interests them now. It’s also vital that the residents take more control of their environment. This is their home and as such, we need to take a step back and listen to what the residents want, whilst also providing for their needs.”

“The shift that we’re seeing in aged care is about encouraging people to do more – and although, to a point, that needs to be managed, it’s about not putting boundaries around people just because they are a certain age. We all need to change our perception of aged care to ensure people are given every opportunity to enjoy this stage of life to the fullest.”

To learn more about the care and lifestyle at Riverside Views, call Susan and the team on (03) 6327 5500.

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