New Head Chef at The Mariner

We are pleased to welcome our new Head Chef at Japara The Mariner, Bec Ford, to the team. Bec comes to us with a wealth of experience, great ideas and a fresh perspective. She has hit the ground running and we have welcomed her with open arms!


We chatted to Bec to hear about her experience as a chef and passion for cooking, and to find out more about her life so far.


Portrait of Bec Ford


Why did you decide to become a chef?

My love for food started very young. As a child I cooked dinner as much as I could and was always experimenting with different ideas. I get great satisfaction from making people happy with food.


Tell us about your career path to being the new Head Chef at The Mariner.

I was born in New Zealand and worked in a bakery after school. I moved to Australia when I was 18 and I started my apprenticeship in an Italian restaurant in Wollongong, NSW.


What should our residents expect from your dishes?

The residents should expect a lot of fresh vegetables, homemade cakes and slices, and plenty of flavour. I love colour and always strive to put as much colour and variety into my dishes.


What is your favourite dish to cook?

I don’t have a favourite dish, but I enjoy baking and creating desserts. I also love creating different vegetable dishes rather than the basic vegetable and potato.


Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself.

About 6 years ago I had a little break from cooking and got my HR truck license. I spent a few years in the transport industry doing courier work and at one stage was delivering steel to construction sites. My partner and I moved up to South West Rocks 1 year ago to be closer to the water and for the fishing! We have holidayed up here for quite a few years and now the kids are all grown up and moved out of home it was time for the sea-change.


Bec cooking meat on the BBQ


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