Noel, Margaret & Lola talk about life at The Highbury

We asked three of our lovely residents to share what they enjoyed the most about life at The Highbury in Glen Waverley.

Noel Barrett

Noel Barrett recently moved from Kiverton Park Nursing Home to the brand new The Highbury home in Glen Waverley.

Originally from Chadstone in Melbourne Noel says “This place is excellent, I love everything about it – great rooms and spaces and the staff are fantastic.”

Noel likes the company of the other residents and delights in the group activities, in particular the games and quizzes.

The thing Noel likes most about life in The Highbury is the food – “I just love the meals here,” he said, “I can’t find fault with any of it, it’s all really good.”


Margaret Herschell

Margaret Herschell moved into The Highbury just a few weeks ago and says, “I think I’ve landed in heaven.”

“I’ve never been waited on before in my life,” she said. “Now I’ve got wonderful staff attending to my every need and they are fantastic – really friendly and helpful.”

“I’ve been so lucky,” said Margaret, “I never thought aged care was anything like this, this is like a top class hotel and I don’t have to lift a finger.”

Margaret still drives her own car, which is parked at the home, to regularly visit her four children and their families who mostly live nearby.


Lola Cogden

Lola Cogden just loves the company of her fellow residents at The Highbury, that is until she’s had enough and wants to be on her own in her own space reading a book. “What I really like is that I have the choice, I can do what I want,” said Lola.

Lola came to The Highbury after struggling with mobility, but now with her walking aid and help from staff she says she’s got a new lease on life.

“I love everything about the Highbury,” said Lola, “I love walking around the plants in the walking areas, I love the friendly staff and the food is great, it’s a pretty good life,” she said.


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