Riverside Views an Aged Care Home with Design Edge

If Riverside Views’ design lead Askolds Petersons had an ego, he would talk incessantly about how great the new $17.5 million building is. But this architect is more than happy to say that no matter how good Australia’s newest aged care residence is, it is the views that make it so spectacular.

The new Riverside Views Residential Care building at 58 Cormiston Road, Riverside incorporates all of the latest ideas to make living and working there both an inspiring and a safe experience. It boasts dining rooms, lounges, luxury suites, tasteful interiors, a café, kitchenette, theatre, library and kitchen, an inner courtyard, a main courtyard and garden, a physical gym and a brain gym, but it’s location, location, location for him.

“When we saw the site, we knew we had to make sure everyone who lives and works there has a view of the beautiful Tamar Valley,” said Askolds, who is Associate Director of HSPC Health Architects. “We have managed that with about 70 per cent of the suites,” he says of the clever design.

“And so everyone can benefit, we made sure that the shared spaces such as the dining rooms and lounges boasted great views.”

While the Tamar Valley is the magnet for the building, there are some intuitive touches to the design that Askolds is also proud of. “There are no dead-ends in the building,” he says. “It means it is a very easy building to navigate for everyone.”

Having a blank canvas with the new site and an aged care provider with innovative ideas means that Askolds can confidently say: “This is the new benchmark for aged care facilities.”

It is a building that the Federal Minister for Aged Care, Western Australian MP Ken Wyatt, will soon visit, but it is the Tasmanian public who will be invited to see Riverside Views first with it throwing open its doors for an open day this Saturday.

Japara Healthcare’s Toby Hicks, who has been development manager on the project since 2014, is thrilled with the views from the hi-tech building and the natural light within. “There are no dark spaces,” he says, “and the interior design has a colour palette and materials that reflect the local area.”

Riverside Views sourced local builders, Tasmanian timbers and other local raw materials, the bulk of its 100 staff are locals too and already, a dozen older Tasmanians have put their names on the waiting list, ready to sign up and become its first residents.

Sixty-six of the suites are for older Australians looking for a near-holiday experience with luxury suites, wellness experiences and a choice of dining areas served by specialist catering staff with all meals cooked fresh onsite.
The remaining 22 suites are in a secure area for people with dementia. They will not only be able to enjoy the Tamar views but also experience specific gym work for strength and balance, a brain gym with computers and virtual reality technology, and a sensory room with lighting, sounds and aromatherapy.

Toby says: “Riverside Views has been a really important development for us; our first brand new facility, and we hope to get a great turn-out on Saturday to see it.”

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