Rosanna Views Cleaner celebrates Excellence award


Elizabeta Stojkovska: The OSCAR Care Group ‘Recognition of Excellence’ award


Elizabeta has been recognised for her innovation and devotion as a friendly cleaner, with great communication skills and attention to detail that ensures environmental excellence for our residents at Japara Rosanna Views.

Choosing a career in aged care was inspired by Elizabeta’s childhood in Macedonia, where she helped look after her grandparents. “I love older people and always want to help others”, Elizabeta says.

Her motivation came from the challenge of looking after many different people and trying to complete all their requests as quickly as possible with minimum disruption.

Wayne Bailey, Home Manager at Japara Rosanna Views, applauds Elizabeta’s “commitment, attention to detail and her way of always taking the welfare of others seriously while exceeding role expectations.”


Elizabeta receiving her excellence award

Elizabeta Stojkovska with her ‘Recognition of Excellence’ award



According to Elizabeta, her proudest career accomplishment has been the cleaning team that she created at Rosanna Views four years ago.

Elizabeta likes to go above and beyond what is expected of her. She always makes sure that our residents’ rooms are set up like a welcoming hotel, which is not something that normally falls under the duties of cleaning staff. She enjoys decorating rooms with pictures, flowers and cushions to make our residents feel like they’re at home.

“Working with great staff and wonderful residents makes every day a joy!”

At Rosanna Views, Elizabeta is known for her team spirit, while taking on extra duties and being an environmental and resident monitor. Since being with us, she has implemented a microfibre floor cleaning system that has reduced the work safety risk to all our cleaning staff.


Portrait of Elizabeta



Cleaning during the Pandemic


The role of our Cleaning Staff during the pandemic has been and continues to be vitally important at Rosanna Views, as well as all of our other Japara homes. According to Elizabeta, hygiene is pivotal to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

She explains that the key is to prioritise the work load, especially preventing any infection spread by disinfecting all touch points regularly during the day.

Alongside all our Japara homes, Elizabeta and her cleaning team have followed the government health guidelines in wearing PPE, including wearing a face mask, face shield and gown.

“Managing the supply of all the PPE, cleaning equipment, chemicals and care supplies within Rosanna Views is a huge task that Elizabeta just manages with ease as part of her daily cleaning role”, says Douglas Gillan, Japara Regional Hospitality Manager.



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