Sheila and Gloria: neighbours for 55 years


Sheila and Gloria have been neighbours for 55 years and have found their way to Japara Vonlea Manor together.


Sheila and Gloria at Vonlea Manor

Sheila (left) and Gloria (right)


Sheila and Gloria have always been there for each other and are always having fun. Now at Vonlea Manor, both ladies enjoy sitting outside in the gardens together, eating together at meal-time and, of course, keeping up with all of the latest gossip.



“The people are all very good here and look after me well. I’m joining in on the activities more and more – I love the exercise classes and when we throw parties, it is lovely being able to sit down and talk together.”



“I like that it is peaceful at our new home and I love looking out of my window when I’m in my room. I enjoy walking around the home and sitting in the garden with my family when they come to visit.”




Sheila, Gloria and a friend eating together at Vonlea Manor



Their friendship started when Sheila moved next door to Gloria in the 1960s at Goulburn Ave. At first, Sheila thought that Gloria was the daughter of the family because she looked so young with her blonde hair.

Over the years, Sheila and Gloria have remained great friends, each having their own family. Sheila has 5 boys and Gloria has 2 girls – they would often chat about how to raise their families and loved that the kids all mixed well together growing up.

Every year, both families would get together and celebrate Christmas at Sheila’s house and on Sunday afternoons they would sit outside and have drinks of Brandy, lime and soda until Sheila’s husband called them in for dinner.

Both families had regular outings together to the beach, The You Yangs, drives to the county where they would get out the metal detector and search for gold, and dances (where Gloria was once crowned belle of the ball!).


Sheila, Gloria and their husbands at a dance

Left to right: Bob (Gloria’s husband), George (Sheila’s husband), Gloria, Sheila



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