Living with dementia at South West Rocks

Learn more about Seaspray, our secure environment for those living with dementia at our South West Rocks home.


Narrator: At Japara Aged Care we understand that everyone’s journey with dementia is different.

Samantha: Our Seaspray home at Japara South West Rocks sets a new standard in dementia support.

Narrator: Seaspray has been designed to be as close to a regular home as possible, to create a stress free and comforting environment. Each resident’s unique journey is supported by our staff who provide flexible and responsive care.

Samantha: Our small house model caters to just 15 residents.

Narrator: Seaspray is self-sufficient with an inviting dining room, a comfortable lounge with plenty of seating, and secure outdoor spaces.

A dementia specific sensory room and sitting area helps create a calming environment.

There is also a kitchenette where residents can make tea or do basic cooking. Seaspray offers an easy transition into residential care; by using familiar and cosy spaces, our residents really feel at home.

Samantha: We are proud to ensure that those living with dementia retain their personal freedom, quality of life, and remain part of the local community.


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