Stuart Nicolson on Retirement Living


Why is now the right time to join the Retirement Living movement?


Retirement living has been a popular choice for many senior Australians when weighing up their options between remaining in their over-sized family home or hitting the road as grey nomads. However, the post-COVID property boom around Australia just might have given the industry another boost that no one saw coming.

Stuart Nicolson is Japara’s Executive for Senior Living and he has spent the past 15 years of his career trying to make Independent Living Units (ILUs) better and more attractive for people who are searching for that perfect mix between independence, leisure, lifestyle, and community. 


Stuart Nicholson, Japara Executive for Senior Living


“Retirement Living needs to keep up with the demographic changes in Australia and with the ever-increasing expectations of the baby boomer generation. Units that were popular ten, fifteen years ago, would now be vacant”. Nicolson adds that retirement villages offer many obvious benefits such as not having to mow your own lawn or having the vast majority of maintenance taken care of, but he also stresses that the recent increase in property value has now made retirement living an even more attractive option.

“Moving into one of our villages is an ideal way to release that valuable equity that so many retirees have parked in their suburban homes. The money can be much better spent on superannuation contributions or the most precious things in life such as holidays or enjoying valuable time and events with friends and family”, the expert adds. COVID-19 and the recovery that followed have caused an unforeseen increase in property value. “It is this discrepancy between the money our home will fetch on auction day and the relatively consistent pricing of ILUs that make 2021 the right time to make the switch to a lifestyle that also offers important social benefits, such as community activities or the certainty that someone will check on you if they haven’t heard from you in a while”, says Nicolson.



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All Japara retirement villages have an aged care home next door which is not only convenient but crucial, especially if a partner ever requires respite or permanent aged care. To find out more about Japara Retirement Living and its many benefits, call 1800 52 72 72.

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