The Adventures of Pat and Jean

Pat is a resident at our Roccoco aged care home (Geelong, VIC).  Jean is a Red Cross volunteer and has been visiting Pat every Tuesday morning for over five years – whether it’s to enjoy a coffee together or head out to the shops for a haircut. Their story together has been very colourful, emotional, supportive, fun and exciting.

Pat, who has diminishing eyesight, has a ‘Bucket List’ which includes her desire to see the world and fly in an aeroplane (though she’s waiting for the warmer weather). With this in mind, our staff at Roccoco helped arrange a helicopter ride at Eastern Beach for her. The pilot flew low enough for Pat to be able to take in some sights, an experience Pat described as “absolutely exhilarating”.

Pat and Jean then ventured on a train trip to Melbourne.  A wheelchair, warm clothing and a favourite knee rug were brought along just in case the Melbourne weather changed.  Southern Cross Station was hectic, and Jean pushed Pat out and across the main road. The wheelchair of course did not like the tram tracks, so it was back to the station for a hamburger and drink.

Pat and Jean enjoyed walking through the shops – this was also quite a hectic expedition, and Pat thought it was time to go home.

The platform was crowded as the train rushed through, and the noise was so loud that Pat said “well that cleared my ears!”  The next train came and no one was allowed to board until Pat and Jean were helped on board.  They felt like royalty!

On the trip home, Jean pointed to a very large palm tree and said to Pat, “can you see that palm tree?” To which Pat replied, “oh yes, and the monkeys in it too!”  Pat has a great sense of humour, and this is one of the many things that Jean truly admires about her.

Stay tuned for further adventures of Pat and Jean!



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