Trugo Place: the Trugo pitch


What is Trugo?


Trugo is a ‘true blue aussie game’ played on a grass court by hitting rubber rings with a wooden mallet from one end of the green to goal posts at the other end.

It has been described by the Victorian Trugo Association as a cross between croquet, wood chopping, lawn bowls and AFL:

  • Croquet – because of the wooden mallet used
  • Wood chopping – because of the hitting action
  • Lawn bowls – because it is played on a grass green
  • AFL – because you hit the rubber rings through goal posts



The sport, Trugo, was invented in the 1920s by workers at the Newport Railway Workshops who would use their mallets during lunchbreaks to hit the rubber rings used as shock absorbers inside railways buffers.


The Newport Railway Workshops in the early 20th Century

The Newport Railway Workshops in the early 20th Century


When the workers retired from the railway yards, they took their new sport with them, and as a result, Trugo soon developed into a popular game for senior citizens within the local communities. In fact, early rules stated that all players had to be aged 60 and over, and whilst this rule has become more of a fond tradition, Trugo has remained most popular amongst this demographic.

Today, there are seven Trugo clubs operating within Melbourne and the surrounding communities.


Trugo Place: a JAPARA aged care home


Trugo is entwined with Newport’s history and has a significant meaning to the local people. That’s why we decided to name our new Japara aged care home after the sport. Trugo Place is a name that resonates with many of the older people in the community and honours the local history.

This exciting new home has, of course, been designed for our residents to enjoy, but also to be a welcoming place for families and friends to visit, enjoy the pitch and have fun. Trugo is something for people of all ages to enjoy, including our elderly residents and their children or grandchildren.


Enquire today


Trugo Place will be opening to new residents in February 2021. If you or a loved one would like to register your interest, book a tour, or have a question for our team, get in touch with us today on 1800 52 72 72 or via our Contact Form.

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